Rose Quartz Bracelet




Rose Quartz is the best crystal when it comes to healing the heart. It represents unconditional love and grace and teaches its owner about true love. While this can be toward another person, it is - importantly - often about teaching us how to love ourselves and all those dark, shadowy, shameful, broken bits of ourselves. We can't know true light until we know darkness, because one does not exist without the other. Loving our darkness, though difficult, is when true transformation happens within us. This crystal's vibration helps purify the heart's energy and is great for those who have been through any level of trauma or crisis. It doesn't matter if that trauma is buried in the memories of our childhood, or in the box of mementos under our bed from our last breakup. When this crystal shows up in your life, is recommended to you, or you find it calling you, it's a sign that you are entering a time of necessary change, and Rose Quartz is the perfect aid in acceptance. Whether your emotions are unexpressed or even consciously unknown, this stone will open your heart so you can finally acknowledge these pains and heal. It is a beautifully healing crystal. Rose Quartz teaches you just how lovable you are, and this can often bring in new romantic love to you as well, making you a magnet thanks to all the feel good energy you emanate. This crystal is good for all types of love and benefits everyone.