Achates Agate Bracelet




If you're feeling beaten and are having a sense of hopelessness, Agate is an incredibly supportive stone. It is an uplifting crystal that gently transmutes dis-ease. If you're finding you're having trouble being heard by your peers or loved ones, Agate can reopen the lines of communication so others are hearing your true feelings. It will also give you the gentle nudge of encouragement you need to actually voice what you need to say, because the reason no one is listening to you might be because you aren't articulating yourself effectively. It's strong communication abilities are also heard by the angelic realm. Though this crystal isn't a protective stone, it can be used to ask angels for added protection. If used in meditation to connect to the angelic realm, this crystal can aid in improving spiritual capabilities. It harmonizes yin and yang energy and can greatly assist you in feeling balanced. It promotes inner stability and can help diffuse anxiety.