Mysore Aventurine Bracelet




Aventurine is a powerful crystal to use in stress-alleviating gridwork, particularly in the garden! It has a powerful connection to the devic/fairy realm, and can help sooth the entire home when gridded outdoors. It is one of few stones that helps absorb EMFs but also protects against environmental pollutions. Place a stone by any electronic devices to help remove some of the negative energy that emanates from them. Aventurine also instills and strengthens innate leadership qualities, and encourages perseverance in any endeavour. It is a powerful stabilizer in a weary and erratic state of mind, bringing a sense of power, control and clarity. It can be a great partner to use in past-life work and even in buried subconsciousness to find the source of current-day dis-ease. It protects its owner from psychic vampirism and energy-sucking individuals and can help you to identify who is absorbing all your energy (if you haven't realized someone around you is a psychic vampire).